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Wonder of Science

Wonder of Science

Wonder of Science: The era we live in today. It is known as the Science Age. From the pen used in our studies to the rockets that go into space, everything is the gift of science, nowadays we are 100% dependent on science. Nowadays we see in the newspaper daily that new inventions are happening. With this progress of science, science has become a very important subject.

Hello, today we will read the article Wonder of Science. Science has made our lives happier because of its incremental steps and miracles. The progress of science has given rise to many such advantages, which we will read today in the Wonder of Science essay. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 words Hindi Essay is provided here in easy language for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 students. Let’s begin.

Wonders Of  Science Essay


Introduction Our present age is called the age of science. There are many Wonder of Science around these days. Today, science has also brought out the deepest mysteries of nature.

Today science has done many miracles in various fields. Science has conquered the distance of space by creating means of transportation. Space travel was made easier by the development of rockets. There are many miracles that happen when it comes to sending messages. Telephone, Mobile, Internet, Television, Radio, etc.

Today, with the advancement of science, people’s lives have become and are becoming much easier. From pens used in our studies to airplanes, everything is a gift of science.

Importance of Science

Importance of Science Science has made traveling very easy in our life by inventing means for travel. In ancient times man used to reach a place in days and months. But now with the advent of rail, motor, airplanes, watercraft, etc., this journey can be completed in no time. Science has done many miracles in the field of medicine. Now the treatment of incurable diseases is possible and surgeries have started taking place inside the body with automatic devices. Children have started taking birth through test tubes. The biggest diseases are guaranteed to be cured with the help of scientific equipment.

Computers are the biggest miracle of science. It is being called the ten thousand times more powerful brain of man. In the means of entertainment, cinema, games, etc have become many means. Similarly, coolers, fridges, air conditioners, fans, flour milling machines, mixers, juicers, geysers, room heaters, etc. have become useful in homes.

Miracles of Science

Miracles of Science – Energy, information, computer equipment, etc. Science has provided many unique ways by which life has become much easier and richer. Electric fans, A.C. TV, cooler, lights, etc. many facilities people got from science.

Now science has provided many electrical devices that make human work easier. For example; Vacuum cleaners, solar gas, mobile phones, heaters etc. All these discoveries given by science are proving to be a boon to mankind.

Food, housing, transportation, medicine, entertainment, agricultural industries, etc. are all influenced by science.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Science

Advantages & Disadvantages of Science Science has conquered nature with its power by making many miraculous discoveries. But with the discovery of atomic energy, science opened the way for the destruction of human civilization. From the kitchen to the farmer’s field barn, many machines are being used. This is being done quickly. All these miracles are beneficial gifts of science, but science has also discovered some that are doing harm. Many new inventions are spreading incurable diseases. And due to this miracle, the earth’s temperature and environment are also affected.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the miracle of science, we have to admit that today’s life is completely dependent on science. Without scientific means, today’s people cannot live in peace even for an hour. If we use science for human welfare, then this science will become a blessing for us.


Conclusion Scientific inventions have greatly enhanced our lives. Now we should think how to improve society, country, and nation by making good use of science.

Wonders Of  Science Essay 2

Unprecedented Development of Science Today there is no field of life, no corner of the earth and no movement of thought where science does not exist. Science has made unprecedented progress in the twentieth century. Where a hundred years ago man used to travel on bullocks, carts and horses and it used to take several days to travel a hundred miles and he used to get exhausted due to hard work and fatigue,

There today he travels hundreds of miles in a jiffy. With the facilities provided by science, he can see the scenes hundreds of miles away and can talk to a person sitting away. With the invention of means of transport, objects of daily convenience, mechanical means and many automatic machines etc., there has been a wonderful development of science.

Invention and Profit – Today even the farthest places seem nearer than the near ones due to the influence of science. Due to the means of rail, motor, ship, aeroplane, helicopter etc., no place is left far away. What is the point of this world? Today’s scientist has also traveled to Mangal. Science not only reaches us from far away places in less time and less cost, but also shows scenes thousands of miles away on television.

Science in Daily Life – Science has not left even time out of its clutches. Such machines have been invented which can do the work done by nature and man over a long time in a short time. News from one end of the world reaches the other end in the blink of an eye by radio, television, telegraph, wireless wire and teleprinter.

In the field of medicine, a new rejuvenation has taken place through ‘X-ray’, city scan, “injection” etc. Science has also provided a lot of help in education work. Good knowledge of subjects like Physics, Zoology, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry etc. is easily achieved with the help of scientific inventions. With the advent of “Press”, the receipt of books and newspapers has become the easiest.

Science has helped a lot in our life too. Clothes, furniture, needle, paper, pencil, fountain pen, newspapers etc. all the life-useful things are given by science only.

Harm from Science – Today science has given birth to innumerable machines. There are machines for every small task as well. Each machine works equal to hundreds and thousands of humans, due to which a new terrible problem of unemployment has arisen for humans. These machines have destroyed village industries and cottage industries. Machine-made goods look good and are cheap in price. How can handmade goods survive in its competition?

Science has produced no less means to directly destroy the animal world. Tank, dynamite, rocket, bomb, atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, neutron bomb etc. are such weapons, which turn millions of humans into ashes in the blink of an eye. Weapons also contaminate the atmosphere so much that various types of diseases arise in the human world. In this way science has not only posed a threat to human beings but also to humanity.

Epilogue – It is now believed that these scientific inventions are more a curse for mankind, less a boon. The truth is also that ever since scientific inventions have given convenience to man and intensified his hunger for enjoyment, since then the problems of peace in the world are increasing and there is no visible solution to them.

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