Withdrawal Of Resignation Letter: Instructions

So you recently submitted a resignation letter but something happened and now, you no longer wish for your resignation to proceed. Naturally, you want to tell your employer to disregard the earlier letter but do not know how to do it. Well, you don’t have to worry too much as you only need to draft a letter stating your retraction and an apology for the disruption. Take a look at my article if you like to learn more about the withdrawal of resignation letters


All sorts of reasons can make you change your mind about resignation and examples include:

  • Your should-be next company revoked your job offer after you submitted the resignation letter to your current company. 
  • Issues in your current company that led to your resignation have been resolved.
  • Your current company recently provided promising terms like a salary raise, improved working conditions, … 
  • Personal reasons like relocation, family matters and so on have been addressed.

Note: Before drafting the withdrawal letter, you must refer to the policies of the company. Although not common, certain institutions set up policies that make it impossible to withdraw the resignation letter once submitted. Besides that, since the resignation process may not take long to start, you need to hand over the withdrawal letter in person. By doing so, you can ensure that either the hiring manager or whoever is concerned receives the letter before it is too late. 

A Guide To The Process


Official letters should get straight to the point and since the withdrawal letter is also official, do the same. Start by stating that the letter is meant to rescind the resignation you handed over previously. To avoid complications, include the date of the resignation letter and the initial job position. Aside from that, in the top paragraph, tell the manager that you want to continue working with the company.


Humility is key at this point and to express that, you need to apologize for the inconvenience you have caused. In the letter, let the manager know what prompted you to submit the resignation in detail. Needless to say, you need to explain the chain of events that rendered resignation unsuitable. The explanation should sound convincing and if possible, state your willingness to explain in person.

Your Impact If Reinstated

Before closing off, you have to remind the manager about the benefits of keeping you around. For instance, you can highlight previous achievements and the way you can influence future successes of the company. Also, your employer might have concerns about repeating occurrences so assure him/her that it will not. Feel free to mention the lesson this unfortunate experience taught you and how you have learned to prevent such actions from happening again.

Sample: You previously had disagreements with the management over the compensation.  

[Your Name]

[Your Address]




[Manager’s Name]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]


Dear [Manager’s Name],

I am writing this to withdraw my resignation submitted on (date of resignation letter) from my position as (your position). After the discussion I had with you, I am glad to announce that I have decided to stay with the company. I appreciate all the efforts you have made to address the disagreements we had. 

I understand that my resignation might have caused some inconveniences and I would like to apologize. I made the decision to resign as I felt like the compensation did not match the duties I was required of in the company. From our previous discussion, I have gained insights into how compensation is calculated. Additionally, I acknowledge the steps that the company is taking to ensure the pay matches the industry standards

Should my request be granted, I will continue performing my responsibilities with due care. Now that I have learned the importance of communication between the team and the management, I will ensure to preach this throughout. This will prevent any of the previous actions from occurring again in the future from me or any of my colleagues.

Again, thank you for your understanding, your willingness to fix the issue, and your support. I am looking forward to continuing working with you and should there be further discussions or steps, do not hesitate to let me know.



[Your Name]

[Your Signature]

Is There A Difference Between Sending Withdrawal By Mail And By Letter?

Although both methods allow you to communicate your desire to withdraw resignation, their impact could differ. The effort to write a physical note often reflects a high commitment and may leave a positive impression. Furthermore, employers prefer tangible evidence and since a letter is a record of your decision, chances of acceptance should be high. 

What Are The Best Practices When Writing A Letter?

  • Make the purpose clear
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Use the appropriate salutation 
  • Where applicable, express gratitude.

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