Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Question Answers 2023

Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Question Answers

Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Question Answers: In this article, we have brought Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Question Answers. Today we are providing Why Do We Fall Ill, which is very important for those who is studying at class 9.

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Why Do We Fall Ill Class 9 Question Answers

1. Under which of the following conditions are you most likely to fall sick?

(a) when you are taking examinations.
(b) when you have travelled by bus and train for two days.
(c) when your friend is suffering from measles.



I will be most likely to fall sick when my friend is suffering from Measles. This could happen when I go to visit my friend and will be possibly getting infected with measles. Measles is one of an infectious and an air-borne disease. The chances that when my friend shall sneeze or cough, the sputum containing microbes might get mixed with the air and get transferred to me through the air I breathe. Hence, the chances of getting infected increases.

2. How many times did you fall ill in the last one year? What were the illnesses?

(a) Think of one change you could make in your habits in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.
(b) Think of one change you would wish for in your surroundings in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.


I fell ill thrice in the last year and suffered from the following diseases.

i. Dysentery
ii. Viral fever
iii. Malaria

One of the changes in my habits is that now, I always ensure and thrive to stay hygienic and eat fruits or food that is neat, covered and clean. One of the changes I wish to have in my surroundings is to prevent the amassment of garbage and stagnation of dirty water so as to keep my surroundings clean, neat and hygienic.

3. A doctor/nurse/health-worker is exposed to more sick people than others in the community. Find out how she/he avoids getting sick herself/himself. Solution:


There are certain steps taken by doctors/nurses to avoid getting sick themselves, which include the following:

i) They wear gloves and masks.
ii) They undergo Immunization.
iii) In order to enhance their immunity, they consume proteinaceous food.
iv) They consume prophylactic medicines.
v) They ensure that disposal of blood samples, sputum, etc., is done correctly.

4. A baby is not able to tell her/his caretakers that she/he is sick. What would help us
to find out

(a) that the baby is sick?
(b) what is the sickness?


(a) Some of the symptoms that could indicate the sickness in a baby are:

(i) High body temperature
(ii) Watering of eyes
(iii) Repeated crying
(iv) Redness of eyes
(v) Watery stools
(vi) Vomiting

(b) The best way to determine the sickness is to take the baby to doctor who shall diagnose the baby based on the symptoms we tell him along with his observations, after which, the doctor shall advise the medications and precautions to be taken care of, to help the baby recover from illness. The above symptoms possibly indicate a High fever.

5. onduct a survey in your neighborhood to find out what the three most common diseases are. Suggest three steps that could be taken by your local authorities to bring down the incidence of these diseases.


I conducted a survey in my neighborhood and found the following three common diseases which are:

(i) Malaria
(ii) Cough and cold
(iii) Loose motions

Some of the preventive measures that can be considered by the local authorities in order to keep a check on the recurrence of the diseases include:

(i) Providing good and hygienic sanitary surrounding in a community
(ii) Providing clean, fresh and uncontaminated water.
(iii) By educating people about hygiene and preventive measures using pamphlets, posters and other sources of media.


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