Topics For English Project Class 12th 2023

Generally speaking, students in India nowadays have many opportunities to improve their English skills and the English project for Class 12th is one of them. However, not all Class 12th Indian students could decide on what to talk about in their English project by themselves and seek suggestions on topics for English project Class 12th. Unable to think of something on your own and could use some help? Then there is a good chance that you would find this article helpful.

A List Of Topics

Analyses Of Literary Works

All in all, analyzing a literary work requires a thorough understanding of the text and the context in which it was written. Because of that, once it comes to analyses of literary works, you must be attentive, diligent and methodical.

In the beginning, you need to read the work multiple times then take notes of the themes, motifs, symbols and plot devices used by the author. Next, you have to research the historical and cultural background of the work to grasp its impact. it won’t hurt to research the language and style of the author to gain insights into the work’s meaning, message, etc. Last but not least, present your analysis alongside evidence from the work including quotations as well as examples. 

Film Reviews

To write a good film review, it is essential that you watch the movie with a critical eye and pay attention to the storyline, acting, cinematography, direction, music, … Jot down details that catch your interest so as to use them in your project.

Start by writing a brief introduction that sets the tone for the review and provides some context about the film. After you finish, summarize the plot of the movie without giving away any spoilers, dissect aspects of the film and offer your opinion on them. Do your best to be specific and give examples to support your arguments. You should be honest, fair, and respectful in your review while avoiding offensive language.

Debates Of Social Issues

Generally speaking, if you use social issue debate in your project, you could work on your English and show personal growth at the same time. 

First, choose a topic that you are passionate about and which has significance for society at large. Second, research the topic thoroughly, looking for different viewpoints and perspectives. Third, analyze the data and arguments then consider how different factors may contribute to the issue at hand. As you build up debate, ensure that you respectfully display the viewpoints of others and express your own thoughts logically. 

Be open-minded and willing to consider new perspectives but don’t stop standing up for what you believe in. In addition, be mindful of the language and tone you use in order to create a constructive dialogue.

Researches On Historical Persons

If you opt to research a historical person for your English project in Class 12th, remember to approach the task with a critical and analytical mindset. 

Begin by gathering information on the person’s life, background and accomplishments but don’t forget to verify the accuracy of your sources. Sources you could use to get a complete picture of the person you are studying include books, academic articles, letters and diaries. As you analyze the information, take into account the historical context in which the person lived as well as social, cultural, and political factors that may have influenced their life. Last but not least, draw conclusions about the person’s impact on history, legacy and so on.


  • Stick to the limits: Most projects have limits (time, word, etc) so it’s strongly recommended that you stick to them. For instance, if you have a time limit, ensure that your presentation stays within the allotted time. That shows that you respect your audience’s time and that you are well-prepared.
  • Make use of visuals: Include visuals such as images, charts and graphs to help enhance the quality of your presentation. The presence of visuals makes your presentation more engaging for your audience as well.
  • Be direct and to the point: It’s ok to add details that you believe to be important but don’t go overboard. If you add too many details, your project would become diluted.




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