Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Job Card List | MGNREGA Job Card List

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA: The Ministry of Rural Development is also known as National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). MGNREGA is an Employment Guarantee Scheme implemented by the Government of India, passed in the Legislative Assembly on 7 September 2005. It was launched in 200 districts from February 2, 2006. Initially, it was called the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), but on 2 October 2009, it was renamed as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

The full name of NREGA is National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. But at present, it has been renamed MGNREGA from NREGA. The name was changed on 2 October 2009. Whose full name is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)? Most of the population in India resides in rural areas, rural areas do not get employment, so the rural population is migrating to the cities for employment Has decided to provide. This has been made possible only through the MGNREGA scheme.

The government operates many government schemes to improve the economic status and better living of the poor families of the country. One of this scheme is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme. This scheme, operated at the gram panchayat level in all the states of the country, is a very big scheme of the Government of India. But most people do not know much about it. So here we are providing complete information about it.

Its main objective is to provide employment to the people living in the village and increase their workforce. So that the people living in the village can get employment in the village itself instead of going to the city.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme is the only scheme in the world which guarantees 100 days of employment. For the operation of this scheme, the Central Government had allocated Rs 40,100 crore in the financial year 2010-11. Poor and unemployed families in the country are taking advantage of this scheme for their livelihood. People of such weak income groups are given employment in their own gram panchayat, due to this the problem of migration has also been prevented to a great extent.

The objective of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme

  • The biggest objective of MGNREGA is to achieve the twin goal of rural development and employment.
  • To provide 100 days of employment to the poor and weak income group families residing in rural India so that they can earn their livelihood.
  • To provide economic strength along with development work.
  • Providing employment at the gram panchayat level so that migration to other cities for employment can be stopped.
  • To strengthen livelihoods and increase the income of poor families.
  • The objective of the MGNREGA scheme is to include the weaker section of the society also in the mainstream.
  • Further strengthening of Panchayati Raj establishments in India.

Work Under The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme

Various works are done under this scheme, out of which the main work is as follows.

  • Water conservation
  • Plantation under drought prevention
  • Flood control
  • Land development
  • Different types of housing
  • Minor Irrigation
  • Gardening
  • Rural connectivity road construction

Any such act is notified by the Central Government in consultation with the State Governments.

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What is the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Or NREGA job card?

The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA or NREGA job card is a key document issued to the beneficiary and contains the job description. This card contains the details of the beneficiary such as name, father/husband’s name, address, and job card number. Beneficiaries are given job cards to make the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) transparent and to avoid any kind of fraud. This card entitles you to 100 days of employment.

Benefits of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme

  • Under MGNREGA scheme, rural people get employment in their own environment.
  • The central government has guaranteed 100 working days of employment under this scheme.
  • In Chhattisgarh state, under MGNREGA scheme, employment guarantee of 150 working days has been increased by increasing 100 working days.
  • The expenditure of 50 working days will be borne by the state government.
  • Under this scheme, the application is made by the adult member of the family, employment is provided within 15 days of the application,
  • If employment is not received within 15 days due to any reason, then unemployment allowance is provided to him by the government, this allowance is a quarter of the first 30 days, after 30 days it is provided fifty percent of the minimum wage rate.
  • In this scheme wages are paid through savings accounts of banks, post offices,
  • If required, cash payment can be arranged with special permission.

What is MGNREGA Wages?

Many will also wonder how much money is available in MNREGA for 1 day? It varies from state to state. The table below shows the wages of MNREGA.

State NamePer Day Wage Rate In Rupees
Andhra Pradesh237 Rupees
Assam213 Rupees
Arunachal Pradesh205 Rupees
Bihar194 Rupees
Chhattisgarh190 Rupees
Gujarat224 Rupees
Haryana309 Rupees
Himachal Pradesh248 Rupees
Jammu And Kashmir204 Rupees
Jharkhand194 Rupees
Kerla291 Rupees
Karnataka275 Rupees
Maharashtra238 Rupees
Madhya Pradesh190 Rupees
Manipur238 Rupees
Meghalaya203 Rupees
Mizoram225 Rupees
Nagaland205 Rupees
Odisha207 Rupees
Punjab263 Rupees
Rajasthan220 Rupees
Sikkim205 Rupees
Tamil Nadu256 Rupees
Tripura205 Rupees
Uttar Pradesh201 Rupees
Uttrakhand201 Rupees
West Bengal204 Rupees
Andaman267 Rupees
Nicobar282 Rupees
Dadra & Nagar Haveli258 Rupees
Daman & Diu227 Rupees
Lakshadweep266 Rupees
Puducherry256 Rupees
Telangana237 Rupees
Goa280 Rupees

How many days of employment are available in MNREGA?

Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 100 days of employment guarantee is provided to the job cardholder.

How to take advantage of MGNREGA?

To take advantage of the MNREGA project, first register for a job card. After that, you will be given a job card within 15 days. After receiving the job card you will get 100 days employment guarantee. Now you can also work on the work done in your gram panchayat under MNREGA. Your job description will be recorded on your job card. The wages will then be credited directly to your bank account.

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