Insights Into The Career Of Science Students 2023

Despite recent changes, deciding on a career is still one of the issues that weigh heavily in the mind of science students across India. Looking for careers where science students have an opportunity to thrive in the foreseeable future? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare a bit of your time to check out this article. Down below is a list of options that science students in India must consider once it comes to career paths.


Considering the social standing of doctors and healthcare workers as well as the benefits afforded to them, it’s only natural that medicine is usually a popular career for science students. If you start a career in medicine, you could secure lucrative opportunities, high salaries and so on.

Indian students who choose medicine as a career need to first complete Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their core subjects. Also, students have to appear for the NEET exam, the entrance exam for medical colleges in India. After obtaining the MBBS degree, students may choose to specialize in a particular field like cardiology, neurology, gynecology and so on


Engineering involves the application of science to design, build, and maintain machines, structures, systems,… As it suits many of their strengths, a lot of science students opt for engineering as they choose between career paths.

Indian students who decide to start a career in engineering have to first complete Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their core subjects. Additionally, students need to appear for entrance exams such as JEE Main/JEE Advanced. After getting the engineering degree, students may choose to specialize in a particular field including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and so on.


If you have a passion for discovery and innovation, it won’t hurt to build a career in research. Research consists of experimentation, data collection and results analysis, all of which aim to advance scientific knowledge.

Indian students who wish to build a career in research must first complete Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology as their core subjects. Besides that, it’s necessary for students to pursue a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in their chosen field. After finishing their degree, students may apply to research institutions, government as well as private.

Environmental Science

For your information, environmental science is a field that deals with the study of the environment and its components. It in essence combines the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.

Indian students who choose to pursue a career in environmental science to first complete Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics as their core subjects. Next, students have to pursue a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in environmental science. After completing their degree, students may go to work in a couple of sectors like consulting firms, government agencies, NGOs, …


Agriculture is a field that covers the study of plants, animals, and their environment. It involves the cultivation of crops as well as the rearing of livestock for food and other products.

Indian students who choose agriculture as a career have to first complete Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Agriculture as their core subjects. Aside from that, students need to pursue a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in agriculture. After acquiring their degree, students may look for work in sectors consisting of agricultural research, agribusiness, government agencies, NGOs and so on.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is the application of various methods and techniques to analyze physical evidence and other forensic samples to provide evidence in a court of law.

Indian students who want to start a career in forensic science must have a strong foundation in science subjects including biology, chemistry and physics. Such students could take up courses like BSc in Forensic Science, BSc in Chemistry and so on. After finishing the courses, students may attempt to get certification from institutes like the Directorate of Forensic Science Services to become qualified forensic scientists. Forensic scientists could work in multiple organizations such as police departments, government agencies, private labs, etc.


Architecture is the art of designing and planning buildings and structures. It involves the use of creativity, technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to create functional as well as aesthetic spaces.

Indian students who choose architecture as a career must be adept at science subjects. In addition to that, it’s necessary for such students to take up courses like Bachelor of Architecture. After wrapping up the course, students may go after certification from institutes such as the Council of Architecture to become qualified architects. Today, architects work in all sorts of fields: construction, urban planning, interior design and so on.


Aviation is a multidisciplinary field that involves the design, development, and operation of aircraft. It’s a mix of science, engineering, and technology.

Indian students who opt to pursue a career in aviation need to be proficient in science subjects including physics and mathematics. Also, such students have to take up courses like Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering. After completing the courses, students may try to secure certification from institutes like the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to become qualified aviation professionals. Aviation professionals work in selective organizations such as airlines, airports, and government agencies.

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