EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF Download 2023

EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF Download
EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF Download

Download EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF: In this post today, we will share with you EVS Worksheet For Class 1, download and read for free with the direct download link provided below in this post.

EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF Download: Students can get EVS Worksheet For Class 1 Books through this article. You can easily access EVS Worksheet For Class 1 from this page. EVS (Environmental Studies) subject is very important in 1st class. Students can download Class 1 EVS Book for free. Students have to click on the link given below to download Class 1 EVS book. You will be able to download the PDF of EVS Book Class 1 PDF after clicking on that link. Download EVS Book 1st Class from below. EVS Worksheet For Class 1 will help the students to prepare for the exam.

Here on this page you can get all chapters of EVS book for class 1 with pdf. By clicking below you can view the all chapter in pdf format as well as you can download it in pdf format for free.

We understand the value of your time, so for your convenience and to save your time, we have prepared the direct Download link for EVS Worksheet For Class 1 so that you don’t have to search for it in different places. Download EVS Worksheet For Class 1 from below.

EVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF Download

BoardEVS Worksheet For Class 1 PDF
Class1st Class
MediumEnglish Medium
Book TypePDF & DOC Format

Question of Environmental Studies

A. Fill in the blanks:

1.My name is _______________________.
5.My class teacher’s name is ____________.
6.The name of my school is ____________________.
7.My birthday is on ___________________.
8.My father’s name is _________________.
9.My mother’s name is ________________.
10. My principal’s name is ______________.

Answer the following questions :

Q1.Name the body parts found on the face.
ANS. Ears, eyes, nose and mouth are found on the face.
Q2.How do our legs and feet help us ?
ANS. Our legs and feet help us to jump, walk, run and kick.
Q3.How do our arms and hands help us?
ANS. Our arms and hands help us to write , paint ,eat and hold things.
Q4. Name the five sense organs.
ANS. Eyes, nose ,ears ,tongue and skin.
Q5 .Name the largest sense organ.
ANS. Skin is the largest sense organ.

Answer these questions:

Q1.Why do we need food?
ANS. We need food to get energy, to grow and for good health.
Q2.Name the food items that help us to grow.
ANS. Milk, fish, pulses and egg helps us to grow.
Q3.Name the food items that give us energy.
ANS. Chapati, rice, bread and butter give us energy.

Answer these questions:

Q4.Name the food items that keep us healthy.
A4.Fruits and vegetables keep us healthy.
Q5.From where do we get food?
A5.We get food from plants and animals.
Q6.Write any two good food habits.
A6.(a)Eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
(b)Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
Q7.What are food grains?
A7.Pulses and cereals are together called food grains.

Answer these questions:

Q1.Where is air?
A1.Air is all around us.
Q2.What is wind?
A2.Moving air is called wind.
Q3.How do fish breathe ?
A3.Fish breathe through their gills.
Q4.How is tap water cleaned?
A4.Tap water is cleaned by boiling or filtering.
Q5.How should we store water?

Answer these questions:

Q1.Why should we follow safety rules?
A1.We should follow safety rules to avoid accidents.
Q2.How should we cross busy roads?
A2.We should use underground subways to cross busy roads.
Q3.What should we do when we get hurt?
A3.When we get hurt, we should inform our elders at once

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We study the notes first so that you can give all the important concepts in our notes. You can easily understand our notes. We have prepared EVS Worksheet For Class 1 which you can easily download from the link given below. These will be very easy to understand for those looking for prepared notes.

In today’s pdf notes, the EVS Worksheet For Class 1 has been explained in detail, as well as the description of the Class 1 EVS Book PDF has been done in simple language and in detail, which can be important for any exam.

So guys, this was EVS notes, I hope these notes will be useful for you and will be used for your exam preparation. If you like this EVS Book PDF then share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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