Coordinate Geometry Class 9 MCQ 2023

Coordinate Geometry Class 9 MCQ

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Coordinate Geometry Class 9 MCQ



Coordinate Geometry Class 9


Q.1 If y-coordinate of a point is zero, then where will this point lie in the coordinate plane?

Q.2 In which quadrant(s), abscissa of a point is negative?

Q.3 Find the point whose ordinate is -3 and which lies on y-axis.

Q.4 The point in which abscissa and ordinate have different signs will lie in which quadrant(s)?

Q.5 Find the perpendicular distance of the point P (5, 7) from the y-axis.


Q.6 Write the coordinates of a point on x-axis at a distance of 6 units from the origin in the positive direction of x-axis and then justify your answer.

Q.7 If the coordinates of two points are P (-2, 3) and Q (-3, 5), then find (abscissa of P) – (abscissa of Q).

Q.8 Without plotting the points indicate the quadrant in which they will lie, if
i. Ordinate is -3 and abscissa is -2
ii. Abscissa is 5 and ordinate is -6

Q.9 Plot the points A (5, 5) and B (-5, 5) in Cartesian plane. Join AB, OA and OB. Name the type of triangle so obtained.

Q.10 Find the coordinates of the point

i. which lies on both x and y-axis.
ii. whose abscissa is 5 and lies on x-axis.
iii. whose ordinate is -4 and lies on y-axis.


Q.11 Plot the points A (2, 0), B (5, 0) and C (5, 3). Find the coordinate of the point D such that ABCD is a square.

Q.12 Plot the points P (-2, 1), Q (2, 1), R (3, 2) and S (-1, 2) and write the name of the figure thus obtained.

Q.13 Plot the points (-3, 0), (5, 0), (0, 4) on Cartesian plane. Name the figure formed by joining these points and find its area.

Q.14 Draw the quadrilateral with vertices (-4, 4), (-6, 0), (-4, -4), (-2, 0). Name the type of quadrilateral and find its area.

Q.15 Write the coordinates of the vertices of a rectangle whose length and breadth are 6 and 3 units respectively, one vertex at the origin, the longer side lies on the y-axis and one of the vertices lies in the second quadrant.

Q.16 From the given figure, write

a) the coordinates of the points B and F.
b) the point identified by the coordinates (1, 1)
c) the abscissa of the points D and H.
d) the ordinates of the points A and C.
e) the quadrant in which points B and I lie.
f) the perpendicular distance of the point G from the x-axis.
g) the perpendicular distance of the point I from the y-axis.
h) the point whose perpendicular distance from y-axis is 2 units.


  1. on the x- axis
  2. II and III quadrants
  3. (0, -3)
  4. II and IV quadrants
  5. 5
  6. (6, 0)
  7. 1
  8. i) III quadrant ii) IV quadrant
  9. An isosceles triangle
  10. i) (0, 0) ii) (5, 0) iii) (0, -4)
  11. Coordinates of point D (2, 3)
  12. Parallelogram
  13. Triangle, 16 square units
  14. Rhombus, 16 square units
  15. (0, 0), (0, 6), (-3, 6), (-3, 0)
  16. a) B (-5, -4), F (6, 0) b) D c) D-1, H-0 d)A-1, C-0
    e) III quadrant f) 4 units g) 2 units h) C and I


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