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Class 3 Computer Book PDF: Nowadays competitive exams ask a lot of questions about computer subjects. The level of computer questions in exams is increasing day by day. In such a situation, the question arises in the mind of the examinees of how to prepare for the computer subject so that the questions asked in the exam can be solved in a pinch. Keeping this problem in mind today we have brought you a Computer Book PDF. We have carefully prepared for you the Computer Book PDF which you can easily download from the link given below.

Also if you are a class 3 student then you should read this page well. In this page, we have provided a pdf file of all the chapters in computer subjects of class 3. You can easily download the PDF file by clicking on the link given below.

In this post today, we will share with you the Class 3 Computer Notes PDF, which you can download and read for free with the direct download link provided below in this post.

Welcome to the enchanting realm of computers! This ebook, tailor-made for the bright minds of Class 3, will take you on an extraordinary journey into the captivating world of computer technology. In this modern era, computers have woven their magic into every aspect of our lives, revolutionizing the way we learn, communicate, and express our boundless creativity. Through this book, we invite you to unlock the doors of discovery as we explore the essential concepts of computers, their practical applications, and the limitless horizons they offer.

Chapter 1: Two Years Ago Let us embark on a delightful voyage back in time to retrace the knowledge gained during Level II. Together, we will refresh our memories and reignite our understanding of computer components, the fascinating interplay of input and output devices, and the very heartbeat of a computer system. This journey down memory lane will serve as a firm foundation for the exhilarating new topics and captivating activities that lie ahead.

Chapter 2: Revision of Level II Building upon the tapestry of knowledge we have woven thus far, we shall dive even deeper into the tapestry itself. We will reacquaint ourselves with the vibrant threads of file management, the artistry of word processing, and the artful dance of internet safety. Through engaging exercises and real-life scenarios, we will ensure that your understanding of these vital computer skills is not only comprehensive but also filled with a sense of wonder and awe.

Chapter 3: Step-Wise Thinking Prepare to unlock the doors of ingenuity and embrace the power of step-wise thinking. In this chapter, we shall unveil the secrets of unraveling complex problems by breaking them down into manageable steps, allowing us to navigate the labyrinth of challenges with finesse. Through enchanting activities and thought-provoking puzzles, we shall sharpen your analytical prowess and ignite the flame of logical reasoning, paving the way for extraordinary problem-solving skills.

Chapter 4: Introduction to Scratch A world of digital wonders awaits us as we take our first steps into the captivating realm of Scratch. Brace yourself for a grand adventure, where colorful blocks of code come alive to create mesmerizing interactive stories and delightful games. With Scratch as our guide, we shall unlock the door to your creativity, empowering you to turn imaginative visions into awe-inspiring digital realities.

Chapter 5: Asanas while using Computers Let us embark on a harmonious journey that celebrates the fusion of technology and well-being. In this chapter, we shall explore the art of mindful computing, where the graceful postures of yoga intertwine with the digital world. Discover the asanas that will help you maintain a healthy balance while using computers, creating a harmonious symphony of physical and digital well-being.

Chapter 6: Simple Animation with Scratch Prepare to breathe life into your imagination as we delve deeper into the captivating world of Scratch. With each stroke of code, we shall unleash the power of animation, turning simple projects into vibrant masterpieces that dance across the screen. Let your creativity soar as you master the art of bringing characters and objects to life, weaving tales that will leave others spellbound.

Chapter 7: Fun with Text Processing In this chapter, we shall embark on a whimsical adventure where words come to life and creativity knows no bounds. Delve into the captivating realm of text processing, where letters dance on the page and stories are woven with the stroke of a keyboard. Unleash your inner wordsmith as we explore the enchanting world of fonts, formatting, and captivating graphics, creating literary masterpieces that will leave others in awe.

Chapter 8: Projects In the final chapter of our extraordinary journey, it is time to unleash your full creative potential. Engage in captivating projects that merge the diverse concepts we have explored throughout this book. Embrace the thrill

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PDF Name Class 3 Computer Book PDF
Language English
Quality Excellent
Page 118
Size 11.4 MB
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Name Of The Lesson

  • Two Years Ago.
  • Revision of Level II
  • Step-Wise Thinking
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Asanas while using Computers
  • Simple Animation with Scratch
  • Fun with Text Processing
  • Projects

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Here we inform you all that the Computer Book PDF has a total of 118 pages and you can read the complete information in it, you can easily download a PDF of this book on your mobile or computer by clicking the below download button.


  • PDF neat & clean.
  • Updated according to the question paper.
  • Helpful and very easy.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Saves tutoring costs.
  • Chapter-wise organized.
  • The study material is divided based on the portions and syllabus.
  • Small paragraphs to break up the subject matter.

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