Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer

Class 11 English Leela's Friend Question and Answer
Class 11 English Leela's Friend Question and Answer

In this post today, we will share with you Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer, which you can read for free.

Today we bring you Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer. In this post, you will find Leela’s Friend Question and Answer for Class 11. We all know that Leela’s Friend questions are asked every time in the class 11 exam. You can read all Question related to Leela’s Friend very easily on this page.

In such a situation the question arises in the mind of the examinees of how to prepare for the Leela’s Friend Question so that the Leela’s Friend questions asked in the exam can be solved in a pinch. Keeping this problem in mind today we bring you the Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer. We have carefully prepared the Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer for you.

Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer

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The complete Question and Answer of the Leela’s Friend chapter, Given below –

Class 11 English Leela’s Friend Question and Answer

Leela’s Friend – MCQ

1. Sidda was brought home by

A. two policemen
B. four policemen
C. three policemen
D. five policemen

Answer – A

2. Sidda was taken back to the police station after

A. one hour
B. two hours
C. a quarter of an hour
D. half an hour

Answer – D

3. Ultimately the chain was found inside

A. Sidda’s pocket
B. a tamarind pot
C. a box
D. Leela’s school bag

Answer – B

4. Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker accused Sidda of

A. saying bad words
B. leaving their house
C. arrogance
D. treachery

Answer – D

5. The chain was found at the end by

A. Leela
B. Mrs Sivasanker
C. Mr. Sivasanker
D. Sidda

Answer – C

6. R. K. Narayan was

A. an American writer writing in English
B. an Indian writer writing in English
C. an African poet writing in English
D. a Latin American writer writing in Spanish

Answer – B

7. As a domestic help in Mr. Sivasanker’s house Sidda was given

A. Rs 1000/- and no meal
B. four meals and no money
C. two rupees and two meals
D. two meals a day and four rupees a month

Answer – D

8. Leela’s friend was

A. Sidda
B. Siddarth
C. Sikander
D. Siddique

Answer – A

9. While working in Mr. Sivasanker’s house Sidda slept

A. in the servants’ quarter
B. in the drawing room
C. outside the house
D. in the covered veranda

Answer – C

10. When Sidda told Leela stories he used to sit

A. on the floor
B. on a chair by the side of Leela’s bed
C. on Leela’s bed
D. on a stool

Answer – A

11. “Let us keep him in our house”-this was suggested by

A. Leela
B. Mr. Sivasanker’s office colleague
C. Leela’s maternal uncle
D. the. officer-in-charge of the local police

Answer – A

Leela’s Friend – SAQ

1. Why did they send you away?-Who asked this question and to whom? What was the reply?

ANS. When Mr. Sivasanker asked Sidda this question, Sidda told Mr. Sivasanker that he had to leave as the doctor had left the town.

2. He called hiş wife.”-Who called his wife and why?

ANS. Mr. Sivasanker called his wife because he could not decide whether he would engage Sidda as a domestic help.

3. What was Mrs. Sivasanker’s opinion about Sidda?

ANS. Mrs. Sivasanker’s opinion about Sidda, was that he did not seem to be worse than those who had worked in their house earlier.

4. Who was Leela?

ANS. Leela was the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker.

5. When and why was Leela in tears?

ANS. When the police went away with Sidda in their custody, Leela was in tears because a bond of love and affection had grown between Leela and Sidda.

6. “Leela’s face became red.-When and why did Leela’s face become red?

ANS. When Leela’s parents repeatedly questioned Sidda about the gold chain of Leela, Leela’s face became red in anger and impatience.

7. Where did Leela’s mother find the chain?

ANS. Leela’s mother found the chain in the tamarindpot in the kitchen of the house.

8. I think he is angry with us.”- Who said this, to whom and about whom?

ANS. Leela said this to her mother, Mrs. Sivasanker about Sidda.

9. Who refused to belleve that Sidda was a thief?

ANS. Leela refused to belleve tnat Sidda Was a thief.

10 How did Sidda look at Leela while she clung to his hand?

ANS. While Leela clung to Sidda’s hand, Sidda looked at Leela mutely like an animal.

11. “I have not taken it.”- Who says this and what does it refer to?

ANS. This is said by Sidda and here ‘it’ refers Leea’s gold chain.

Long QuestionLeela’s Friend

1. What is your idea about Leela, the friend of Sidda?
Or, Discuss in short the relationship between Leela and Sidda.

ANS. Leela plays a decisive role in engaging Sidda as a domestic help. Though somewhat pampered, she is lovable. Her charming dis position immediately attracts Sidda and Sidda takes pleasure in satisfying her child-like demands. She keeps Sidda variously engaged in attending her whims. She is sensitive enough to realise Sidda’s position in the family and sympathise with him. To her, Sidda’s company was more important than the gold chain. She does not hesitate to charge her mother with ill-treating Sidda. She does not consider Sidda to be a thief and defies her parents and the police inspector in this regard. But for Leela, the easily vulnerable and socially outcast Sidda’s human soul would have remained so obscure.

2. “Doesn t seem to be a bad sort…”- Who says this? What is the context? Why was Mr. Sivasanker ‘unable to make up his mind’?

ANS. This is said by Mr. Sivasanker.

> After observing and scrutinizing Sidda closely for judging his suitability as a domestic help, Mr. Sivasankar made the above remark.

> Mr. Sivasanker was not very sure about the credentials as furnished by Sidda in support of his engagement as a servant. But his appearance and tidiness somehow impressed Mr. Sivasanker. Mr. Sivasanker’s past experience of engaging a servant might not be at all satisfactory. So he felt hesitant and was unable to make up his mind. He sent for his wife to have a look at Sidda before taking any final decision.

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