Download Class 1 Computer Book PDF

Class 1 Computer Book PDF

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Welcome to the exciting realm of computers, where young minds embark on a journey of digital discovery. In this introduction, we present an invaluable resource – the Class 1 Computer Book PDF. Designed specifically for students at the primary level, this book aims to introduce them to the fundamental concepts of computer science in an engaging and accessible manner.

The Class 1 Computer Book PDF is a comprehensive guide that introduces young learners to the captivating world of computers. It covers a range of topics tailored to suit the needs and abilities of students at the Class 1 level. Through interactive lessons and colorful illustrations, the book aims to make learning about computers a fun and engaging experience.

Within the pages of this book, students will explore the basics of computer hardware and software, gaining an understanding of their components and functions. They will be introduced to essential computer skills such as using a keyboard, navigating through a graphical user interface, and interacting with simple applications.

Moreover, the book acquaints students with key computer terminology, ensuring they develop a strong foundation in the language of technology. Through age-appropriate activities and exercises, students will have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and reinforce their understanding of computer concepts.

By downloading the Class 1 Computer Book PDF, students, parents, and educators can access a valuable educational resource that fosters digital literacy and prepares young learners for a technology-driven world. The book not only equips students with foundational computer skills but also nurtures their curiosity and lays the groundwork for future technological exploration.

Embrace the power of technology and ignite the imaginations of young learners with the Class 1 Computer Book PDF. Together, let us embark on an exciting adventure of discovery and empower the next generation with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital age.

Download Class 1 Computer Book PDF

Computer Book PDF appears in various types of competitive exams, especially if you are preparing for any competitive exam in any state, then it becomes very important for you to read about this topic thoroughly. You can easily download the Class 1 Computer Notes PDF from this page.

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Here we are providing you with both Computer Book PDF and Computer Practice Set Class 1 Pdf. After reading this, you will understand the basic knowledge of computers. Now you must be wondering what topics are covered in all these computer books and practice sets. Below we present all the computer topics covered in these books-

Name Of The Lesson

  • Uses of Computers
  • Parts of a Computer
  • Do’s and Don’ts with Computers
  • Using a Mouse
  • Using a Keyboard
  • Paint using a Computer
  • More Actions using Paint
  • Using a Music Player
  • Exploring the Desktop
  • Projects



  • PDF neat & clean.
  • Updated according to the question paper.
  • Helpful and very easy.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Saves tutoring costs.
  • Chapter-wise organized.
  • The study material is divided based on the portions and syllabus.
  • Small paragraphs to break up the subject matter.


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