Must-Known After 10th Courses List For Girl 2023

After finishing Class 10th, girls in India have access to a wide range of options once it comes to pursuing further studies. As their decision would have a profound effect on how they proceed in the future, many Indian girls prefer to scope out all approaches beforehand. You recently completed Class 10th and now seek information about after 10th courses list for girl in India? In that case, you should find this article helpful.



Girls who prove to be adept in science could opt for the science stream. The stream includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Pursuing the science stream unlock a series of career options such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, research, etc.

It’s necessary for girls that target the science stream to have a strong foundation in subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Also, such girls could take additional classes, hire a tutor and so on to improve their skills. Depending on the situation, the girls should consider joining science clubs, taking part in science competitions, … to advance their knowledge. Last but not least, it’s won’t hurt to research the career paths available in science and speak to professionals in the field to gain a good understanding of the opportunities as well as challenges.


Girls who do well in finance and economics usually shine in the commerce stream. The stream consists of subjects such as Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics. By opting for the commerce stream, Indian girls could build their careers in fields such as finance, accounting, banking, insurance and so on.

To be able to pursue the commerce stream, girls in India must do well in mathematics and have a keen interest in business, finance, …. Aside from that, such girls need to pass their 10th exams with good grades, especially in subjects like mathematics, English, social sciences, etc. Noteworthily, a number of schools also set out eligibility criteria ranging from minimum marks in certain subjects to specific exams. Hence, it is wise for girls to research the admission requirements of schools and courses in advance. 


Girls who have an interest in humanities should give the arts stream some thought. The stream involves subjects such as History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography and Economics. Those who get into the stream could work as journalists, teachers, social workers, and so on.

The basic requirement to join the arts stream is to have passed the 10th exam from a recognized board. The arts stream contains multiple subjects including History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Fine Arts, Music and more. Considering the nature of the stream, having a creative and analytical mind is would be a big advantage. To excel in the stream, it’s also a good idea to work on communication skills, writing techniques, the ability to express their thoughts and ideas, etc.


Girls who want to develop vocational skills could pursue vocational courses. Such courses include Diploma in Fashion Designing, Diploma in Interior Designing, Diploma in Beauty Culture, Diploma in Computer Applications, … Completing the courses allow girls to start their career in fashion design, interior design, beauty culture, computer applications, etc.

To join a vocational course, girls need to have completed their 10th exam from a recognized board with a minimum passing percentage. In addition to that, some courses have their own criteria, for example, age limits, prior knowledge of certain subjects and so on. To be able to choose a vocational course that aligns interests with career goals, Indian girls must research thoroughly.

Final Words

Generally speaking, there is no shortage of options for girls in India that have successfully finished Class 10th. Each of the options features unique characteristics so it is key for Indian girls to establish their interests and strengths before making a choice. With the right education and training, girls can build successful and achieve fulfilling careers in various fields.

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